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Company formation in Ireland

Comprehensive assistance in company formation, including banking services

How to form a company in Ireland

Document submission
You submit to us necessary documents of the future founders and directors for the purposes of company formation in Ireland and opening a bank account in Ireland
Payment of services
Payment of our services for company formation in Ireland and/or bank account assistance in Ireland
Company formation
We register a new company in Ireland for you. Upon completion of the registraion corporate documents are either delivered to you or submitted to a bank for the subsequent opening of a bank account
Bank account opening
In case you request an assistance with a bank account, we arrange an interview at the bank for you, inform you about the date of the visit and accompany you on your way to the bank. After the bank account is opened and active you receive corporate documents of the formed company as well as the access to the bank account
Cost of services
Formation of a LTD
Timeframe - 12 working days
EUR 1700
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
  • Secretary services for 1 year
From EUR 2900
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
  • Secretary services for 1 year
  • Bank account in Germany
  • Accounting services for 1 year
From EUR 4800
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
  • Secretary services for 1 year
  • Compulsory services of a director, resident in the EU, for the purposes of a corporate bank account in Ireland
  • Bank account in Ireland
  • Accounting services for 1 year
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Bank account in Germany at the Commerzbank AG
EUR 1400

Advantages of forming a company in Ireland

Attractive business-environment
  • A convenient jurisdiction for setting up an IT-business, many leading international IT-corporations have estbalished a branch or an office in the Republic of Ireland, including Google
  • Stable economy, a large market with a high internal demand
  • Open economy, no trading restrictions
  • Low inflation rate
Stability and security

  • Political stability
  • Secure legal and justice systems
  • Comprehensive protection of property rights
  • Comprehensive personal security
  • Investment protection
Tax benefits

  • Relatively low corporate income tax rate compared to most EU Member States - 12,5%
  • Tax benefits for R&D field
  • Multiple double tax treaties
No foreign exchange controls
  • The Republic of Ireland joined the Euro area, which allows it to secure free capital transfer in any currency. Individuals and business-entities, either resident or non-resident in the Republic of Ireland may open bank accounts in Irish banks in any currency
Ease of establishing and doing business
  • Minimum share capital requirement for the LTD is EUR 1
  • Fast company formation in Ireland
  • 100% foreign ownership of a company is available
  • Remote company formation in Ireland is available
  • Change of corporate structure does not require any additional notary certification
More about the Republic of Ireland
General information
The Republic of Ireland is located in Western Europe and has a territory of 70,000 square kilometers, and is also almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean being a perfect logistics center between North America and Northern Europe. Ireland borders the United Kingdom, being one of its major export partners. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Dublin.

The population of the republic amounts to around 4,7 million people.
Official currency of the Republic of Ireland is euro (EUR).

74% of the state's GDP is service sector. New opportunities for investing in renewable energy, biotechnology, car industry and space industry arise constantly. In 2017-2018 the state's GDP rose by 6,7% and amounted to around USD 375,9 billion.
Types of business-activities
Foreign investors establish business in this jurisdiction in order to primarily conduct IT-business and communications business, also to make supplies from the US to the EU, to set up wholesale and retail trade, to set up car maintenance business.

Restricted for foreign entrepreneurs are the following sectors:
  • banking services
  • insurance services
  • television, radio
  • defense industry
  • air transport.
Key taxes and tax rates
  • Corporate income tax - 12,5%
  • Dividend withholding tax - 20%
  • Interest withholding tax- 20%
  • Royalties withholding tax - 20%
  • Capital gains tax - Standard tax rate 33%
  • VAT - Standard tax rate 23% or reduced rates from 9% up to 13,5%
  • Personal income tax - from 20% up to 40%.
Key types of business entities
Apart from such traditional business entity types as a private company limited by shares (LTD) and a public limited company (PLC), Irish corporate law offers to establish a business as:

1. Public Company Limited by Gurarantee (PCLG)
2. Designated Activity Company Limited by Shares (DAC)
3. Unlimited Company (UC)
4. Limited Partnership (LP)
5. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
6. Sole Proprietor (SP)
7. Societas Europaea (SE).

To receive a detailed description of the company formation procedure in Ireland and information about documents necessary for company formation in Ireland please contact our experts.
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