About us

Prime International Legal Services provides a wide range of services with a focus on company formation for the purposes of international business structuring. Our experts have a vast experience that allows for a comprehensive approach to each individual case
Our services
Company formation
We provide company formation in any jurisdiction
Readymade companies
We provide readymade companies for the purposes of your business needs. Readymade companies are always available either with or without an active bank account
Bank account assistance
We provide immediate corporate bank account assistance with guaranteed approval at foreign banks for your companies
Legal and tax advice
We provide advice on corporate and tax matters of different jurisdictions, as well as advice on international tax planning
Advantages of working with us
Our work is aimed at creating and maintaining of long-term operation of your business internationally and also at saving your time

That is why we offer exclusively operational and effective, as well as cost-efficient jurisdictions for company formation, banking and licensing
We provide and adhere to real timeframes of rendering of our services and we render them faster

We are always available for you at your convenience
Our experts have extensive experience in the matters of:

  • corporate law
  • international taxation
  • utilization of companies in different jurisdictions, international business structuring
  • choice of banks and bank requirements regarding corporate clients with non-resident owners

Our experience allows us to identify and eliminate any risks relating to the operation of your international business structure and it also allows us to promptly provide you with our legal advice
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