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Comprehensive assistance in company formation, including banking services
Company formation procedure
Choice of jurisdiction
We assist you with choosing a jurisdiction that is appropriate for your business and form a company in this jurisdiction, we also analyze if any licences are required for your business in the chosen jurisdictions and provide necessary legal advice
Choice of banks
We assist you with choice of banks for the purposes of opening a corporate bank account
Document submission
You submit to us documents necessary for company formation and corporate bank account assistance. Prior to bank account opening we provide pre-approval services in certain banks based on corporate documents.
Payment of services
Payment of our services for company formation, any additional legal services and/or assistance with a corporate bank account
Remote company formation
We commence company formation procedure in chosen jurisdiction. If you require solely company formation services, we send corporate documents to you by courier after the company is formed
Assistance with bank accounts
Upon completion of company formation we send corporate documents to the chosen bank and provide you with the information regarding a remote identification or a personal visit to the bank and accompany you at the bank
Delivery of documents
After the corporate bank account is opened and active we send corporate documents of a registered company to you. The bank sends information regarding account access to you directly
Popular jurisdictions
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