Company formation in Bahrain

Comprehensive assistance in company formation, including banking services

How to form a company in Bahrain

Document submission
You submit to us necessary documents of the future founders and directors for the purposes of company formation in Bahrain
and opening a bank account in Bahrain
Payment of services
Payment of our services for company formation in Bahrain
and/or bank account assistance in Bahrain
Company formation
We register a new company in Bahrain for you. Upon completion of the registraion corporate documents are either delivered to you or submitted to a bank for the subsequent opening of a bank account
Bank account opening
In case you request an assistance with a bank account, we arrange an interview at the bank for you, inform you about the date of the visit and accompany you on your way to the bank. After the bank account is opened and active you receive corporate documents of the formed company as well as the access to the bank account
Key aspects to consider prior to incorporating a company in Bahrain
Register a company in Bahrain
No corporate income tax, no withholding taxation and no personal income tax.
1. Founders that would like to register a company in Bahrain can either be resident or non-resident in Bahrain. Founders can be either individuals or legal entities. However, depending on the type of the business-activity of the company a certain percentage of shares will need to be owned by a resident shareholder. Examples of these activites are: trade and retail, construction, tourism, healthcare, pharmacy.

2. A resident or a non-resident individual can be a company director in Bahrain. It is not required to register a company in Bahrain with a resident individual as one of its directors.

3. One individual can register a company in Bahrain and simultaneously be a shareholder and a director in this company if such company is registered as a WLL (a company with a limited liability).

4. It is necessary to create substance in Bahrain - to rent an office in order to establish a company in Bahrain and to conduct business in Bahrain.

5. There is no minimum share capital requirement that is necessary to register a company in Bahrain a WLL (a company with a limited liability) However, it is highly recommended to set up a WLL company in Bahrain with a share capital of at least BHD 5,000.

6. Information about company founders, shareholders and directors after company registration in Bahrain is complete is publicly available in the state corporate register.

7. We can help you register a company in Bahrain, It is necessary for all shareholders and directors of the new company to travel to Manama in order to register a company and to open a corporate bank account.

Cost of services
Formation of a WLL
Timeframe - 20 business days
EUR 7400
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
EUR 7900
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
  • Bank account in Bahrain
From EUR 8900
  • Company formation
  • State fees
  • Notary services
  • Company seal
  • Bank account in Bahrain
  • Accounting services
Office lease
From EUR 600/month

Advantages of incorporating a company in Bahrain

Attractive business-environment
  • Access to major markets of Gulf Cooperation Council states
  • Access to the Persian Gulf allows to establish maritime trade
  • Highly qualified workforce
  • A well-developed infrastructure with excellent transport and communication facilities
  • Low inflation rate
Stability and security

  • Political stability
  • Secure legal and justice systems
  • Comprehensive protection of property rights
  • Comprehensive personal security
  • Investment protection
Tax benefits

  • No corporate income tax is levied on corporate income or capital gains unless the business of the company is related to the oil and gas industry
  • No withholding taxation
  • No personal income tax
  • Multiple double tax treaties
No strict foreign exchange controls
  • Bahrain state regulations do not impose foreign exchange controls. Individuals and business entities, either resident or non-resident in Bahrain can open bank accounts in local banks in any currency
Ease of establishing and doing business
  • 100% foreign ownership of a company is available
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